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Players' Comments

This game is fun
Guest, Aug 08
Playing: Snake

Smocking is bad
Guest, Aug 08
Playing: Snake

Im a stoner bein smokin all day!!!!!!!!!
Guest, Jul 20
Playing: Marijuana Stand 3

Guest, Jul 10
Playing: StonerGames

zilch is effin great when totally smoked out. i can f**k with that. Peace to my brothers. Keep it alive and smelly! Dont dig your own hole but keep on uppin the ante boys. GET AMONGST IT!!!!!!! brilliant....................
Guest, Jun 20
Playing: Zilch

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Gold Miner

Collect enough gold quick enough to reach the next level.

Swords And Sandals 2

The sequel to the popular gladiator game is here. All new tournaments, ranged weapons, magic spells and powerful new champions to battle. Save up to ten gladiators and guide them to fame and fortune in the arena.

Acid Breakout

Acid Breakout is a fun game similar to Javanoid. Don't let the bricks fall to the bottom of the screen!

Swords And Sandals

Create a gladiator, arm him up with a variety of armour and weapons, and send him into battle against a horde of crazy gladiators.

Fishy Game

It’s getting pretty crowded down here, and if you want to last in this underwater arena, you’ll need to outsmart and outmaneuver the larger predators, all the while building your strength by eating any smaller prey you can find. The pond is yours for the eating. It’s up to you to feed or be fed upon.

Weed Collector

Collect bud and dont miss.

Unblocked Game

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3D Curveball game a.k.a 3D Pong, where you play ping pong in first person. Harder than you think.

Super Hackey Sack

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Best updated version of Drug Wars game I have seen!

Gravity Ball

In Gravity Ball you have to bounce your ball off of the platforms and collect the stars to earn points. The object of Gravity Ball is to see how many points you can get. It seems easy at first but it gets more complicated when gravity literally changes direction!

Fly On Drugs

Fly through the maze on different types of drugs. Watch out for the walls!

Weed Wizard

A wizard smoking a bong riding a dragon made of the bong smoke. Help the wizard collect weed in the glory of night. The dragon disappears over time and is made stronger and more tangible by collecting weed leaves, and conversely weaker by smacking into the food flying against you.


A classic game of making money using your wits and patients.

The Helicopter Game

Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing.

First Person Tetris

Trippy First Person Tetris game. Playing this new flash version of Tetris could lead to dizziness, headache, and possible stomach distress. Rotate the room instead of the block.


Get as high as you can with this smoking games without getting sick! Or... smoke until you die!

Crush The Castle

Complete each level by launching projectiles at the castle and taking out the soldiers, guards or other inhabitants.

Space Invaders

Free Space Invaders flash game online arcade shoot the descending ships to protect your bases.

Bottom Of The Sea

Carefully jump from one object to another until you reach The Bottom Of The Sea. Very fun and addicting game. Definitely gotta play high!

Ganja Farm

Grow the best cannabis with the addicting Ganja Farm game!

Fishy 2 Game

How to beat the fishy flash game 2 is simple, eat the smaller fish and you'll slowly grow allowing yourself to eat larger fish. It differs from the first fishy game in that it is more difficult with more and faster fish.

Drug Wars

Drug Wars is an addictive game of buying and selling in a seedy underworld. Take on the role of a street dealer, and try to make as much money as possible. Buy and sell a variety of products, fend off gangs, mafia enforcers and cops.

Ice Racer

n the flash game Ice Racer you have to navigate safely along snowy ice cliffs being careful not to give too much gas and tipping your race car over. Sounds hard? It is. Hard but addicting. You're not really racing other cars but time instead. When you drive, you can tilt your car forward or backward to avoid tipping and crashing. If you crash 5 times, the race is over. See what level you can get to and how fast you can get there.

Incriminati 2

Parents alert! It's a race to stash the evidence


Roll the dice and decide the best time to cash their score into the bank. Risk it or lose it all.


Move the stones left and right trying to line three in a row. Better hurry!

Ghetto Chase

Run from the cops!! Grab as much drugs as you can on the way!


Play as a widower who must sell drugs for survival in a new town, with the help of his cousin.

Marijuana Stand 1

Marijuana Stand 1

Bob Marley

Try this addicting Bob Marley game.

Wheel Of Fortune

Awesome replica of the very popular TV show - wheel of fortune. Just follow the rules of the actual game to play your way to lots of money. The advantage of this game is that you don't have to go through the hassle of getting on the show, so you can just get going right away. Enjoy playing wheel of fortune.


Use the arrow keys to move the rasta-man around the grow house.Pickup as many buds of weed as you can. If the pigs are getting too close, find a corner to smoke a joint and enjoy the munchie burgers. Collect bonus items for extra grams. Play Pot Games.

Dude Where's My Weed

A funny political spoof about the 2000 elections. Starring Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush JR. and Monica Lewinsky.

Who Wants To Smoke My Honey Bear?

Weedis Fillbong, your host and cannabis connoisseur, will test your reefer IQ by presenting you with fifteen marijuana related trivia questions increasing in difficulty. For each correct answer you will win some tasty nugs, from schwag to the kindest bud of all – Weedis Fillbong's legendary Honeybear! Once you win it you'll get to smoke along with Weedis and experience the trippiest buzz in the universe! And don't worry if you get stuck... if you're lucky the Wheel of Chance, Pot Machine or Ghost of Bob Marley will bail you out. You may even get to play a round of Bong Pong!

Marijuana Stand 3

Marijuana Stand 3

Marijuana Games


Classic snake game from the old Nokia phones now ONLINE!

13 Days In Hell

13 Days In Hell

Herb Grinders, Glass Bubblers and Color Changing Pipes

Buy glass bubblers online to get the cheapest imaginable prices available. Look through wide range of online shops and you will definitely find very cheap herb grinders. There are all types of grinders available such as: metal herb grinders, plastic grinders, and electric herb grinders. While purchasing your herb grinder on the net think about looking for Color Changing Pipes, Glass Bubblers, Water Pipes, and other marijuana pipes. Buying your Water Pipes, Glass Bubblers, and Color Changing Pipes on the web can warrant huge savings. You can even search our online head shop for some amazing deals!